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Restaurant in Les Eyzies

An Epicurean hymn

The taste, of course, but also the smell and the view; use all your senses to catch all the details the Chef Pascal Lombard adds in his plates. He will surprise, affect, tantalize and make you travel… in our Bistro, as in our Gastronomic restaurant with 1 star in the Michelin Guide "Le1862".

Le bistro des Glycines - Lunch only

Ouvert uniquement pour le déjeuner - Fermé le lundi

Le 1862 - dinner only

Ouvert uniquement pour le dîner - Fermé le lundi

The bar

the wine cellar

Vins, Champagne et autres spiritueux...

Vegetable Garden


The chef "Keep only the essentials"

The Chef Pascal Lombard likes to feel closed from the South-West terroir and its culinary and wine sector it contains. His history that was forwarded by his landaise grandmother and by the nice Houses he worked for.

The honey of our beehives, the nearby undergrowth is full of mushrooms during the season and black truffles of the local terroir, all those inspires a natural and healthy cook.

He is linked with the locals who products those treasures in their own way. He tries to express the nature of this terroir and its products; the pleasure is there when he evokes the menu « Autour de la Truffe ».

Pascal knows from a long time the « Black Diamond » of the Périgord and cooks it with class.
He plays and composes and finally keeps what is crucial.

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